The DIM US framework

By Shaun @SGV_UK

I was feeling traumatised this morning and needed an outlet for my experiences. So I have created my alternative “Recovery in the Bin” framework that attempts to mirror the realities compared to the CHIME Framework for personal recovery. I call it the DIM US framework #RITB.


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CHIME Framework for personal recovery
Having good relationships and being connected to other people in positive ways.
Hope & Optimism
Having hope and optimism that recovery is possible and relationships that support this.
Regaining a positive sense of self and identity and overcoming stigma.
Living a meaningful and purposeful life, as defined by the person (not others)
Having control over life, focusing on strengths, and taking personal responsibility.

DIM US Framework for a “Recovery in the Bin”
The state of being deprived of a right or privilege.
Characterised by poor access to social programmes, no adjustments for a disability in employment, not being listened to by people in authority etc..
Impermanence & Faith
All things undergo change including life to death and powerful to powerless. Suffering is not permanent.
Characterised by a change in new leaders in authority, Change in ideologies, salvation in an afterlife etc..
A false statement of a material fact made by one party on another.
Characterised by the belief that one is lazy, of immoral character and commits social sins. E.g. Stigma
The state of being useful, profitable and beneficial.
Characterised by peoples values only measured by their economic utility. E.g. Someone is worthless because they do not work.
The action of bringing someone or something under domination or control. Characterised by removing or creating barriers to social programmes such as access to housing, income, health services or food to control an individual’s behaviour.

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