A Tribute to Nick Dilworth

Nick Dilworth died unexpectedly in January after an accidental head injury. This is not right, it is not fair and the world is a much worse place without Nick being in it. But the world is often wrong and unfair, Nick knew this so very well and because he was a truly great and good man, he dedicated his life to fighting against this unfairness and wrongdoing. Nick was a friend, an ally of disabled people, and had nerves and principles of steel, he did not back down. When many ignored what went on in the world social security and the department of work and pension and disability benefits, Nick remained a steadfast combatant, I don’t know how many lives he saved, but undoubtedly, he saved many. And for those who passed, he never forgot, he extracted justice for the families. There were no riches or status in this work, that is how we know he was a good man, he did it because it was right, he did it because he was our ally. The world is poorer without him. 

As a measure of the man, on announcing his death on social media there has been now for many days a series of reactions, sympathies expressed and shock sadness and praise for his work and life. It was often on social media where his detailed in-depth articles were shared, where he drilled into the deep statistical information and exposed government lies and obfuscation. On one memorable occasional he proved that a well-known journalist was mathematically illiterate and was promulgating a statistical lie in support of the government, of course the hack blocked Nick and kept lying, but the whole world saw how corruption and lies are how murderous state policy is excused by the cowardly. 

Nick was also a very kind and caring man privately, all the finest attributes of a gentleman and none of the nonsense. That he could come across as an upper-class legal expert was a great asset to campaigns, where so many had dismissed victims as working class scroungers, Nick speaking alongside us meant our message was heard by people who otherwise would have switched off. He was funny and could be wickedly scandalous with his humour, which fitted well with the gallows humour often needed to cope with the obscenities being perpetrated by the British state on disabled people living in poverty. Make no mistake we are targeted for democide, and when we fought back Nick was right there on the front line with us. No one is gone from the world while there are people alive to remember them with love.

The service will be on Friday March 3rd at Marldon St John the Baptist Parish Church, starting at 2.30. Donations should go to Cancer Research. This is being facilitated by the Funeral Directors:

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We don’t know everyone who knew Nick, so if you knew him, admired his work or were helped by him, please continue to write this tribute to Nick by commenting or adding a message when you share it on social media.

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