The unRecovery Excellence Framework #uREF2019 – A request for peer reviewers.


Recovery in the Bin would like to invite allies and peers to review a list Rita Bins has collated of publications that reference Recovery in the Bin!

What did Rita do? (Methods)

Rita collated a reference list after making a public request on Twitter and after systematically searching google scholar, google news and google search.  These tools were chosen as they are freely available to all on the internet – they are not hidden behind paywalls and do not need to be accessed via membership of an academic institution.

Rita decided that she would include all types of publications in her reference list, respecting and privileging all forms of publication democratically.  This included peer reviewed journals, books and textbooks, theses, reports, magazine and newspaper articles, blogs, presentations and posters.

To be included in this list, all publications were required to reference Recovery in the Bin OR explicitly name Recovery in the Bin (via a secondary citation or without providing a reference).  All publications by Recovery in the Bin were excluded.

What can I do to help Rita?

Please contact us via email or by Twitter DM @RITB_ if you notice that your publication has been omitted from Rita’s work.  Or indeed, if you have any corrections.  The full reference list can be found here.

What will Rita do next?

Once we have received feedback from our allies and peers, we will publish the unRecovery Excellence Framework #uREF2019 as a blog in due course.

We will also be working behind the scenes, under Rita Bins’ leadership, to synthesise and analyse what people are saying about us.  We will be publishing the methods and results of our survivor led scoping review in a journal.  Rita Bins is an unacademic with some impressive methodological and literary skills.

Rita would like to thank all translators who have supported this work:

Andreas Vedeler – Danish and Norwegian.

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