Worry Tree in the Bin

The Worry Tree is a complex Psychological Intervention which has led to a paradigm shift® in mental health care.

It works like this:

  1. Write down your worry.
  2. Work out if there is something you can do about your worry.
  3. If there is, then do it and LET WORRY GO, change your focus of attention.
  4. If there isn’t then… just LET WORRY GO, change your  focus of attention.

You can download a free Worry Tree over here.

(This is ACTUALLY USED in IAPT services.)

Case Example 1: Chronic pain and illness

The mindful worry tree cure for all chronic pain and illness, disability and anything non-surgical known to humankind. Basically – DON’T WORRY.

About to die or be killed – LET WORRY GO.

Case Example 2: Imminent austerity death

I am worried I will freeze to death on the street because I have nowhere to live after I was evicted due to Universal Credit… let it go you silly worry head, the nice lady from the government was on TV and said it’s all going really well, Merry Christmas!

Case Example 3: Worrying about worry

I am now worried about whether I worry too much.

Should I let this worry go and refocus my attention?

I am now going to stop worrying about worrying too much, I am going to let that worry go, and refocus my attention on the things I am legitimately worried about.

Case Example 4: Domestic violence

Nearly killed by your husband? All the refuges closing? LET WORRY GO, change your  focus of attention.

Case Example 5: The Worry Tree Worry

I am worried about this Worry Tree™. Is it a hypothetical situation or a current problem? I like that the solution in all cases is change focus of attention. This therefore requires “not thinking about The Worry Tree™”. Problem solved. QED.

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