Hey Binners, Let’s Write To The UN!

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We would like to crowdsource from you lovely binners a submission to Philip Alston UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, who is gathering evidence in UK.

>DEADLINE Friday 14 September at 18:00 GMT Respondents are requested to limit their comments to a maximum of 2,500 words. Reports, academic studies and other types of background materials can be attached as an annex to the submission. All input will be treated confidentially by the Special Rapporteur and his team<

Humble suggestion: we take the framework of- our political economy creates and maintains poverty, poverty incites/exacerbates mental illness, with NHS, Local Authorities, and DWP assessing away need in order to make cuts the ‘safety net’ is gone (Police being ‘service of last resort’). So treatment and support is also failing, IAPT is a joke but it produces nice metrics for conferences! Professional response has been (apart from some honourable exceptions) poor & leaving us to fend for ourselves to get care or benefits. All underlined by inequality of- ethnicity, income, power, gender, class etc

To give us time to collate and arrange into a submission all comments etc will be collected by 10th September.

So please, have at it, tell the UN what you want them to know about Mental Health in the context of Extreme Poverty and Human Rights in the UK! Email your wondrous words (preferably not more than a few hundred) to recoveryinthebin@gmail.com marking them with the subject line UN Alston

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