Fake Psychosis Awareness!


A psychiatrist on social media said “it is important to differentiate between ‘real’ pseudo’ and ‘fake’ psychosis”. This psychiatrist claims to be able to do this! It is important because otherwise fake psychotics will get diabetes!

“Ten years of antipsychotics doing sod all to help and giving you diabetes is absolutely why we need to make distinctions if they help”.

We thought it was very nice that the doctor cares about only real psychotics getting diabetes.

Fake Psychosis is a debilitating condition that can lead to diabetes if left undetected!

  • Have you ever wondered if you have fake psychosis?
  • How would you ever know?
  • Is there a checklist?
  • Should you speak to your GP?
  • What about the children?

We’ve prepared a Handy Checklist of fake psychosis symptoms for you:

  • Do you have a diagnosis of BPD/PTSD? You have fake voices i.e. #fake psychosis
  • Are your ideas are comprehensible to the Dr? For real psychosis, they should be incomprehensible!
  • Do you respond poorly to antipsychotics? Then you should be diagnosed as malingering or with a PD.
  • Have you developed fake diabetes?
  • Do lights and beeps go off when you’re examined with a Star Trek medical tricorder?
  • Have you got better? Then you didn’t have psychosis to start with!

How can you help!

Raise awareness on social media by using these hashtags!

  • #fakepsychosis
  • #OnlyRealPsychoticsDeserveDiabetes
  • #SayNoToFakePsychosis
  • #FakePsychosisAwarenessWeek

(Fake psychosis awareness week can be abbreviated to #fakepaw)

Are you a fake psychiatrist? We want to hear from you!

Tell us what people feel which isn’t real and how you identify them if you don’t possess a medical tricorder.

We will require proof that you are fake – like your name badge from work.

Do you have fake psychosis? We want to hear from you!

Be brave and share your inspirational fake recovery stories from fake psychosis.

What is the solution?

Instead of diabetes inducing meds, #fakepsychosis is treated by taking ‘Responsibility’



Service users with a dual diagnosis of schizophrenia/psychosis/schizoaffective disorder and EUPD/BPD/PTSD which means experiencing real/pseudo/fake psychosis AT THE SAME TIME have the option of Timeshare Symptoms ™ i.e.

  • Monday – Wednesday: real psychosis,
  • Thursday – Friday: pseudo psychosis,
  • Saturday – Sunday: fake psychosis.

Dr McShrink stated

“We’ll need joined up thinking between psychiatry, psychology, sociology & fakeology to understand the complex origins of #fakepsychosis”

We believe any ‘ology’ or ‘iatry’ would suffice. We also questioned whether he’s a fake psychiatrist because what he tweets is way too sensible.

We also wondered if you can fake #fakepsychosis? Or fake faking fake psychosis?

Ms Loony said

“I fake unpsychosised myself in prison to get the fuck off the hospital wing and its cells with cameras in” and “we need a hot meals and a bed campaign for people with #fakepsychosis”

This article explains the assumed reasons as to why people fake psychosis: http://www.ajmc.com/…/are-hallucinations-real-of-fake-an-ex…

This material lacks contextual. It fails to question why society puts people in such awful places that this could be the only option. And then judges them for it!

How bad must the alternative be if you’re prepared to AIM for a psych ward?

Hospital food, especially on psych wards, is so awful – it can be subject to competitions as to what it actually consists of!

Given how frightening wards can be most people tend to avoid them as far as possible.

As for seeking disability payments the welfare system causes crises and attempted suicides:

Binners’ responses to the article:

“Reckon if we interviewed homeless people & offered the bin or a room off the street know which they’d take! And there are homeless people who refuse psych treatment”.

“Incredible reading as to how that’s judged. Another is voices only exist outside of the head when voice hearers experience them BOTH inside & outside”

“I was told I had pseudo psychosis when I had a bpd diagnosis. I no longer have that diagnosis and are now told I have psychosis – schizoaffective. Tbh, I’m a bit fed up of people saying psychosis because – it’s my reality. Saying it’s psychosis or “its just one of your psychotic symptoms” doesn’t make it easier. Not acknowledging the fear I deal with doesn’t make it go away. Just isolates me further”

“The times I stress this about paranoia, quit challenging it, acknowledge the scale of distress or it just isolates”.



Another psychiatrist also highlighted the importance of knowing the difference between paranoia and over idealised ideas, this could be a supplementary area to our exciting Time to Talk about fake psychosis awareness raising campaign.

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