In Place of the Crisis Team by a RITB supporter

You can contact your local PALS team if you aren’t getting the help you need from services. You can also call your local crisis team if you think you need help right away. Their number can usually be found on your local mental health trust website somewhere – check local policy for referral criteria.

If you don’t have the energy (or they are engaged) do not worry. Here is some specialist acute mental health crisis management advice that I’ve gained from using the crisis team:

1. Have a hot drink (but not hot enough to scald yourself)
2. Have a warm bath – bubbles optional
3. Distract yourself by stroking a pet (or yourself)
4. Distract yourself by watching tv or reading a magazine or book
5. Ring a friend or a mental health helpline
6. As a last resort…go to sleep
7. If you can’t sleep lie in bed in the dark
8. If none of the above work, have another bath and try them all again – mindfully.

To support longer term care you can also
1. Leave a message for your keyworker/GP to call you in the morning
2. Arrange a pdoc appointment to review your meds
3. Go for a walk in the morning since you didn’t like the suggestion to go for a walk in the dark.
4. Buy a lavender pillow

There, I have just provided you with top notch mental health advice…and saved the taxpayer the need to spend 3 years training a RMN plus the additional cost of specialist courses in crisis care.

Oh, I suppose I better give you the full extent of crisis team advice:
1. Please remember YOU need to TAKE REPONSIBILITY for your health problems
2. Thank you for sharing that you want help. Please note such requests may indicate dependency. Therefore we will support you by not supporting you. Call back if you need us.

Thank you

UPDATE: new good practice guidelines suggest bananas and colouring books also have a place in your recovery.

LATEST NEWS: Recent claims that eating more than 6 bananas could kill you are false. It would take 400 bananas to have the amount of potassium needed to kill you – and your body wouldn’t absorb it so….

Conclusion: Bananas remain an integral part of the ‘alternatives to the crisis team’ self-help plan
*‘Inspired by the North Durham Crisis Resolution and home based Treatment Team, an HCAS accredited provider*

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