Workfare Coercion In The UK

Workfare coercion in the UK: an assault on persons with disabilities and their human rights by Anne-Laure Donskoy, Survivor researcher, UK

“While there is a lot of focus on coercion organised and implemented in psychiatry, less attention is being paid to state engineered welfare measures based on libertarian paternalism, which have coercive practices at their core. Among them are policies that strongly support behavioural change using positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy. Freidli and Stearn (2015) call this “psychocompulsion”. These policies and measures are increasingly used to ambush and coerce persons with disabilities and the long term sick into adopting new ways of being and living conditions under the constant threat of sanctions. They have driven many to attempt to their lives. This paper builds on the work of Friedli and Stearn as an attempt to highlight current coercive welfare policies, including forcing ‘therapy’ on individuals, as human rights violation of the CRPD.”

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