The unRecovery Excellence Framework #uREF2019 – A request for peer reviewers.


Recovery in the Bin would like to invite its allies and peers to review a list Rita Bins has collated of publications that reference or explicitly name Recovery in the Bin.

Rita collated this list after making a public request on Twitter and after systematically searching google scholar and google news.

Please contact us via email or by Twitter DM @RITB_ if you notice that your publication has been omitted from Rita’s work.  Or indeed, if you have any corrections.

Publications listed below are primarily in English – we are in the process of obtaining translations in French, German, Swedish, Japanese, Czech, Hungarian and Spanish.  Publication types include articles in peer reviewed journals, books and textbooks, Theses, Magazine and Newspaper articles, Blogs, Presentations and Posters.  Rita was unable to devote her time to identifying many Blogs.  Please contact us with any blogs that reference us.

Once we have received feedback from our allies and peers, we will publish the unRecovery Excellence Framework #uREF2019 as a blog in due course.

We will also be working behind the scenes, under Rita Bins’ leadership, to synthesise and analyse what people are saying about us.  We will be publishing the methods and results of our survivor led scoping review in a journal.  Our review does not meet the criteria to register with PROSPERO, as we are not looking at health related outcomes.  Therefore, this blog will serve as a public testament of our intention to publish our work.  If you know of any journals that may be perfect for publication, please do let us know! Rita Bins is an unacademic with some impressive methodological and literary skills.


  • Andreas Velder – Danish and Norwegian.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


Rosie Buckland (2019) Working with Josie: swimming against the tide Critical and Radical Social Work.

Rosie Buckland and Michelle Desmier (2019) Small STEPPS: The provision of, and changes to, an emotional regulation group for women in a community mental health setting in the UK.  Groupwork.

Catherine Campbell (2019) Social capital, social movements and global public health: Fighting for health-enabling contexts in marginalised settings.  Social Science and Medicine.

Angela Woods, Akiko Hart, Helen Spandler (2019) The Recovery Narrative: Politics and Possibilities of a Genre.   Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry.

Jay Watts (2019) Problems with the ICD-11 classification of personality disorder.  Lancet Psychiatry.


Ian Cummins (2018) The Impact of Austerity on Mental Health Service Provision: A UK Perspective UK International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Nora Duckett and Helen Spandler (2018) Radically seeking social justice for children and survivors of abuse.  Critical and Radical Social Work.

Huw Green (2018), Team splitting and the ‘borderline personality’: a relational reframe. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Rebecca Greenslade (2018) Existential psychotherapy and the therapeutics of activismEuropean Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling. 

Iain Ferguson (2018) Making Sense of Madness: Revisiting R.D. Laing Critical and Radical Social Work.

Ben Hannigan, Alan Simpson, Michael Coffey, Sally Barlow, Aled Jones (2018)Care coordination as imagined, care coordination as done: findings from a cross-national mental health systems study.  International Journal of Integrated Care.

Leanne Harper and Mick McKeown (2018) “Why make the effort? Exploring recovery college engagement”.  Mental Health and Social Inclusion.

Audrey Linder Des patients aux soignants : Les appropriations du « rétablissement » par les professionnels de la psychiatrie.

Rhiannah McCabe, Richard Whittington, Laura Cramond and Elizabeth Perkins (2018) Contested understandings of recovery in mental health. Journal of Mental Health.

Jessica Muir and Laura McGrath (2018) Life lines: Loss, loneliness and expanding meshworks with an urban Walk and Talk groupHealth and Place.

Hollie Quaye and Mike Rennoldson (2018) “Technically well, but not really”: carers’ constructions of recovery from psychosisJournal of Mental Health.

Diana Rose (2018) A Hidden Activism and its Changing Contemporary Forms: Mental Health Service Users / Survivors Mobilising.  Journal of Social and Political Psychology.

Diana Rose (2018) Participatory research: real or imagined. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology.


Jay Dudley (2017) Clinical Psychology Training in Neoliberal TimesThe Journal of Critical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Francisco José Eiroa-Orosa and Michael Rowe (2017)  Taking the Concept of Citizenship in Mental Health across Countries. Reflections on Transferring Principles and Practice to Different Sociocultural Contexts.  Frontiers in Psychology, Frontiers in Psychiatry.

Rachel Perkins and Julie Repper (2017) Editorial: When is a Recovery College not a Recovery CollegeMental Health and Social Inclusion.

Jijan Voronka (2017) Turning Mad Knowledge into Affective Labor: The Case of the Peer Support Worker. American Quarterly.


Adrian Chapman (2016) Re-Coopering anti-psychiatry: David Cooper, revolutionary critic of psychiatry. Critical and Radical Social Work.

Mark Creswell and Helen Spandler (2016).  Solidarities and tensions in mental health politics: Mad Studies and Psychopolitics.  Critical and Radical Social Work.

Richard House, Rich Moth, Debbie Porteous and Guy Jamieson (2016) ‘Closing the Gap’ TUC conference, Salford, 29 April 2016: Mental health beyond austerity: a ‘mental wealth’ approach to post-austerity policy-making. Self & Society.  

Richard A. Ingram (2016) Doing Mad Studies: Making (Non)sense Together. Intersectionalities: A Global Journal of 2016 Social Work Analysis, Research, Policy and Practice. 

Brenda A. LeFrançois, Peter Beresford, Jasna Russo (2016) Editorial: Destination Mad Studies.  Intersectionalities: A Global Journal of 2016 Social Work Analysis, Research, Policy and Practice. 

Mick McKeown (2016) Stand up for recalcitrance! International Journal of Mental Health Nursing. 

Rich Moth and Mick McKeown (2016) Realising Sedgwick’s vision: theorising strategies of resistance to neoliberal mental health and welfare policy.  Critical and Radical Social Work.

Anne O’Donnell and Mae Shaw (2016) Resilience and Resistance on the Road to Recovery in Mental Health.  The Journal of Contemporary Community Education Practice Theory.

Philip Thomas (2016) Psycho politics, neoliberal governmentality and austerity Self & Society.


Mark Bertram and Sarah McDonald (2015) “From surviving to thriving: how does that happen”. The Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice.



Mental Health Social Work Reimagined (2019) Ian Cummins (Author)

The Work Cure (2019). David Frayne (Editor).  Multiple Chapters – awaiting copy of book.

  • Jay Watts (2019) Not in my name, Not in my Profession’s Name

Trauma, Women’s Mental Health, and Social Justice: Pitfalls and Possibilities (2019).  Emma Tseris (Author)

The Public and Private Management of Grief (2019).  Caroline Pearce (Author)


Essentials of Mental Health Nursing (2018) Karen Wright and Mick McKeown (Editors)

  • Mick McKeown, Karen M. Wright and Jonathan Gadsby (2019) Introduction.
  • Mick McKeown, Karen M. Wright and Jonathan Gadsby (2019) Chapter 1: The context and nature of mental health care in the 21st Century
  • Karen Machin and Emma Watson (2019) Chapter 18: Recovery Orientated Practice
  • Glossary: unrecovery

Critical Mental Health Nursing: observations from the inside (2018) Pete Bull, Jonathan Gadsby and Stephen Williams (Editors) – Awaiting copy of book.

Art Therapy in Private Practice: Theory, Practice and Research in Changing Contexts (2018) James West, Andrea Heath and Catherine Stephens (Editors)

  • Andrea Heath and Catherine Stephens (2018) Chapter 3: Searching for Space

Subcultures, Bodies and Spaces: Essays on Alternativity and Marginalization (2018) Samantha Holland and Karl Spracklen (Editors)

  • Kay Inckle (2018) Chapter 10: Irrational Perspectives and Untenable Positions: Sociology, Madness and Disability.

Global Social Work in a Political Context: Radical Perspectives  Iain Ferguson, Vasilios Ioakimidis, Michael Lavalette (Authors)

Violent States and Creative States: From the Global to the Individual (2018). John Adlam, T. Kluttig and B.X. Lee (Editors)

  • John Adlam and C, Scanlon(2018). Chapter 2: Injury and insult: reciprocal violence and reflexive violence revisited.


Developing Professional Practice in Health and Social Care (2017) Adam Barnard (Editor)

  • Linda Kemp (2017) Chapter 6: “Critical Practice: ‘Touching something lightly many times’: Some thoughts on language and reparation in relation to mental health and social justice”.
  • Kevin Flint, Vicky Palmer, Adam Barnard (2017). Chapter 15: Tain from the mirror: Towards an education for reflection in the helping professions.

Routledge International Handbook of Critical Mental Health (2017) Bruce M.Z. Cohen (Editor) 

  • Clement Bayetti and Sumeet Jain (2017) Chapter 25: Problematising Global Mental Health

Recovery, Mental Health and Inequality Chinese Ethnic Minorities as Mental Health Service Users (2017) Lynn Tang (Author).

Working Accross Difference: Social Work, Social Policy and Social Justice (2017) Donna Baines, Bindi Bennett, Susan Goodwin and Margot Rawsthorne (Editors).

  • Emma Tseris (2017) Chapter 11: Accepting My Illness? Problematising the Claims of Mental Health Anti-Stigma Efforts


Surviving Work: Survival Guide for People Working on the Frontline of Healthcare.(2016).  Elizabeth Cotton (Author)

Values and Ethics in Mental Health (2015) – Alastair Morgan, Anne Felton and Bill Fulford (Authors)


Ben Collins (2019) Outcomes for Mental Health Services.  Report: The Kings Fund.

RM Bank, M Borg, TL Sjåfjell, E Ogundipe, TA Johnson (2018) Recovery Dannelse i Drammen kommune og Nedre Eiker kommune. Report. (Norwegian)

Rich Moth, David Neary and Michael Lavalette (2018). Towards inclusive service delivery through social investment in England. An analysis of five sectors, with a particular focus on mental health. Report.

Rachel Perkins, Sara Meddings, Sue Williams and Julie Repper (2018) Recovery Colleges 10 Years onReport.

Triangle (2018) Triangle’s statement on the Recovery Star and external factorsStatement. 

Ben Williams (2018) The Journey to Self-Stigma and its Impact on ‘Recovery’ in People Experiencing Mental Distress: Fighting Back with Stigma Resistance.  Journal of Undergraduate Research at NTU. 

Rich Moth and Michael Lavalette (2017) Social protection and labour market policies for vulnerable groups from a social investment perspective. The case of welfare recipients with mental health needs in England (RE-InVEST working paper series D5.1). Report.

Phillipa Gaines (2016) A review of the use of social outcome indicators. Final Report.

Rosanna Thompson (2016) Vulnerability and Resistance in Austerity Britain: Mental Health Resistance Network, Disabled People Against Cuts and the Job de-Centre. Report.

Newspapers, Magazines (online and print)


Sarah Davidow (2019) Recovery Porn: Tell Me Your Story, I’ll Tell You Your ValueMad in America.

David Matthews (2019) Capitalism and Mental HealthMonthly Review.

Sarah Stainforth (2019) “It certainly leaves you thinking”: review of Birmingham Rep’s ‘Blue Orange’. The Boar.

Jay Watts (2019) Mental health services in crisis are abandoning patients to meet targets. The Guardian.


David Frayne (2018) Stop repeating the mantra that “work is good for you”.  New Statesman.

Akiko Hart (2018) What we can learn from trans activismMental Health Today.

John Pring (2018a) MPs’ approval of Seni’s Law provides hope for traumatised service-users.  Disability News Service.

John Pring (2018b) Under-fire Samaritans faces anger over advisory board crammed with Tories.  Disability News Service.

John Pring (2018c) Letter calls on GP body to denounce DWP’s ‘fit for work coercion’.  Disability News Service.

Rachel Rowan Olive (2018) It’s time psychiatrists stopped stereotyping women with personality disorders – we can speak for ourselvesThe Independent.

Emily Reynolds (2018) The people who want to get rid of the term ‘personality disorder’. Dazed.

D Taggart (2018) Asylum Editorial on Welfare Rights Special Edition- ‘Austerity from above and resistance from below’ Asylum Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry.

Jay Watts (2018a) Supporting Benefits Claimants: a Practical Guide for Professionals. Asylum Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry.

Jay Watts (2018b) The Government has been lying about mental health funding increases – and now we have proof.  The Independent.

Jay Watts (2018c) As a psychologist I see the fantasy of neoliberal values having a devastating effect on mental health treatmentThe Independent.


Elizabeth Cotton (2017) The future of mental health services: the organising challenge ahead. Soundings.

Louisa Harvey (2017) We need to talk about stigma within the mental health systemOpen Democracy.

Morning Star (2017) A fierce intellect and pioneer activist. Morning Star.

John Pring (2017a) Improving Lives: Fears over strategy’s ‘unacceptable’ work and health linksDisability News Service.

John Pring (2017b) General Election 2017: Tory mental health plans greeted with accusations of ‘hypocrisy’.  Disability News Service.

John Pring (2017c) Benefit claimants take to social media to describe DWP ‘hell’ and ‘abuse’.  Disabilitly News Service.

Jay Watts (2017) Is mental illness real? You asked Google – here’s the answer.  The Guardian.


Andy Fugard (2016) Mental health services should not be paid by outcomes. The Conversation.

Sylvia Thompson (2016) Friends: a key to improving our mental health.  Irish Times.

Jay Watts (2016) Recovery: Compromise or Liberation?.  Mad in America.

No Date

Af Jeppe Oute Hansen (no date) Recovery–et flydende begreb? STOF (Danish)

Dissertations and Theses

Rhiannon Lane (2018) Diagnostic Identity and the Legitimisation of Mental Health Problems: An Ethnographic Study, with a Focus on Bipolar Disorder PhD Thesis.

Ann-Mari Lofthus (2018) A study of Norwegian service users’ experiences with Assertive Community Treatment PhD Thesis.

Alice Pettitt (2018) Women’s Stories of Emotional Distress, Relational Experiences and Sense-making:Listening in a Different Way. PhD Thesis.

Alison Faulkner (2017). Knowing our own minds: the role and value of experiential knowledge in mental health research. PhD Thesis.

Annabel Head (2017) How People With Intellectual Disabilities Experience Transitions Through the Transforming Care Programme: a Grounded Theory Study. D.Clin.Psychol. Thesis

Liam Metcalf-White (2017)  An Ethnography of the Language and Function of Spirituality within the Visible Recovery Movement. MA Dissertation.

Patricia O’Connor (2017) Reconstructing Livability: A Grounded Theory of Partners’ Experiences of Living with Someone with an Eating Disorder PhD Thesis

Tamar Whyte – MSc dissertation.

Blogs and Websites

Charlotte Walker (2019) These are not the little things: unsanitary conditions on mental health wards.  Purple Persuasion.

Recovery Wirral (2018) UnRecovery Star.

PD in the Bin (2017) A simple guide to avoid receiving a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’ UPDATE ‘Personality Disorder’ in the Bin.

Philip Thomas (2017a) Critical Psychiatry in The UK: A Personal View

Philip Thomas (2017b) Neoliberal Governmentality, Austerity and Psychopolitics

Black Poppy’s Junk Mail (2016) Recovery in the Bin – 18 Principles.

Mental Health Resistance Network (2016) Dear Alice…….

Daniel Wilding (2016) Preceptorship as a viable alternative to the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment. The Critical Blog.

Jonathan Gadsby (2015) The Recovery Star meets the Unrecovery Star Critical Mental Health Nurses’ Network.

Dolly Sen (2015) The first of my ‘how to’ guides in regards to mental healthDisability Arts Online.

Mad Studies Network (2015) Groups.

Psychologists for Social Change (no date) Esther McVey and the Samaritans: Psychologists for Social Change and Recovery in the Bin respond.

Presentations and Posters

Larry Davidson and Michael Rowe (2019) Recovering Citizenship: Boundary Crossing in Systems of Care and Beyond. Presentation, 2019 IRCC Symposium, Crossing Boundaries: Systems, Communities, Expertise

Jay Watts (2018) Mental Health & Neoliberalism.  Mobilising New Economic Futures conference. Goldsmiths, University of London

Jay Watts (2017) Trauma Informed Care.  Keynote for the 23rd International Mental Health Nursing Research Conference

Philip Thomas (2016) Austerity, Government Economic Policy and Recovery.

Brigit McWade (no date) Recovery and Crisis in Post-Welfare societies Unrecovery and the right not to work

Caroline Plumb, Nadia Daer, Georgina Heath and John Adlam (no date). Getting Good Outcomes: Towards Meaningful Data Collection in an Inpatient Service